Chicago Travel - How to Get Around - 5 Ways


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• Uber – Type “uberLizFay” in the app for $5 off your first ride.
• Via – Type “elizabeth4y4dada” in the app for $10 off your first ride.
• Lyft – Type “elizabeth864459” in the app for free rides.
• SpotHero – Sign up through for $7 off.

• ParkWhiz – Sign up through for $5 off.

Feel free to use my codes above for free rides and discounted parking, and we’ll both get credits!

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It’s easy to get around Chicago without a car. Here are my five favorites ways, and the apps that make transportation in the Windy City a breeze.

Be sure to visit for more information and advice about Chicago! Thanks to Ismael Cossyleon for help shooting this video.

• Ventra – For the L trains and buses.
• Via – On-demand car service.
• Uber – On-demand car service.
• SpotHero – Discounted parking
• ParkWhiz – Discounted parking
• Google Maps – Helpful for direction on L trains

1. The L
This stand for “elevated train.” Chicago has 144 rail stations throughout the city, and they are relatively easy to navigate – especially with help from Google Maps. I’m a big fan of using the L to beat traffic.
a. Cost: $2.25 per ride. It’s cheaper if you get a pass.
b. Pro Tip: If you are coming from O’hare, the Blue Line will take you right downtown. Take the Orange Line if you’re coming from Midway Airport.

2. Water Taxi
During the warm months, you can cruise to many of the city’s top tourist spots by boat. The Chicago Water Taxi or Shoreline Water Taxi will take you to places like Michigan Avenue, China Town, and the Museum Campus. You’ll take in beautiful views of Chicago’s architecture along the way.
a. Cost: $10 day passes are available.
b. Pro Tip: Go at sunset for a spectacular view.

3. On-Demand Car Service

Download the Uber and Via apps to order a car on-demand. Prices are cheaper than a taxi, and it’s super convenient. Via offers black car service throughout downtown for a flat fee of $3.95, although there’s a chance you’ll be carpooling with someone headed in the same direction. ** 2018 update: Via now offers rides in all cars (not just black) and different price points. Still an affordable option!

a. Pro Tip: If you’re taking Uber from the airport, go to the designated ride-sharing pickup area. At Midway, it’s the Departures level at door UL1. At O’Hare, it’s upstairs at Departures.

*Note Via now offers standard car service and private rides. It is not limited to shared black cars.

b. Tip 2: Use a promo code to ride for free (see mine at the end), and then share your own code with friends to rack up free rides.

4. Bike
Rent a bike and ride around the city. Take advantages of Chicago’s 18-mile lakefront trail that goes to the Museum Campus. The new 606 path is a popular place to bike as well. Check out routes here: Bike rentals: Divvy or Bike and Roll.
a. Cost: $10-$36.
b. Tip: Bike and Roll offers helmets, Divvy does not.

5. Walk
Chicago is a walkable city, so get outside and explore! The new Riverwalk is a great place to start.
a. Pro Tip: Use Google Map’s walking tab for directions by foot.

6. Parking
Download the ParkWhiz or SpotHero apps. They’ll locate available parking spots for you at a discounted rate. Use a promo code (mine is below) for even greater savings.
Pro Tip: Stick to #1-5. Bringing a car downtown is unnecessary.

My Promo Codes
You can likely find promo codes online, but feel free to use mine and we’ll both get credits. Teamwork! (High five)
• Uber – Type “uberLizFay” in the app for $15 off your first ride.
• Via – Type “elizabeth4y4” in the app for $10 off your first ride.
• SpotHero – Sign up through for $7 off.
• ParkWhiz – Sign up through for $5 off.